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Lassiter Electric

Lassiter Electric Inc. is a full service electrical contracting company. We offer residential services, commercial services, industrial services, & anything in between. We work closely with utility providers to assist in all facets of getting power to the desired location. We specialize in 24-hour shutdowns and design-build installations. We have a service department that handles all of the service calls while the new construction crews keep moving on the latest builds.

24 Hour Shutdowns

A lot of electrical equipment, after installed, is forgotten about; "if it ain't broke dont fix it." However, there comes a time when the equipment must be replaced in order to prevent serious electrical issues that can impact your business.  Lassiter Electric Inc. specializes in the ability to come up with solutions to meet the project goal with minimal impact to our customers, and more importantly, your customers.

We have performed several major outages throughout Aspen. One project of note is the 24hr replacement of the Main Distribution Panel for the Wheeler Opera House. This required technicians from Square D to travel to the site to help facilitate the installation. The historic building doorways were too small for the new equipment so it had to be disassembled and then re assembled within the room. All was complete within 21 hours, 3 hours ahead of the goal of 24 hours.

Design Services

Sometimes our customers come to us with just an idea. We can help along the way take that idea and form it into a tangible project with the results the customer is after. Commercial spaces in downtown Aspen are subject to IECC rules and we can help navigate this requirement. We take the time for our customers to fully understand the requirements as this can seem burdensome to most. This is where our professionalism kicks in and we do whatever it takes to make sure we get the correct result, as well as operate within the parameters set forth by the powers that be.

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