About Us

Lassiter Electric

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Out biggest skill is to create a stunning art pieces and integrate them into your projects and social media posts.


Our second focus is on taking minimalistic pics. We've a team of skilled people who can take a pic of coffee.


And last but not least our focus is on Architecture. Obviously code architecture. We can create the best .divs.

Doug Lassiter


Growing up in rural Eastern North Carolina in an extensive farming and industrial area provided a significant background of work ethic for Doug. Continuing the pursuit of accomplishing a career in the electrical field he graduated from Wilkes County Community College with two Associates Degrees in Electronics Engineering & Electro Mechanical Technology. While performing many industrial projects, there was more he wanted out of life than 24-hour shifts. In 1997 Doug packed his bags and headed to Colorado not sure what the road would have in front of him. Soon after, things began falling together. Doug married his wife, Jennifer, and then had two kids, Anna and Walker. As a family Doug credits much to his supportive team, both family and work alike, to allow him to pursue strong passions such as rodeo, hunting & fishing. Today as an Owner/Operator of Lassiter Electric Inc., Doug enjoys being part of all aspects of the business. His goal is to provide the fulfillment of expectations from customers and employees alike and keep family a top priority.

Kristina Keegan

Finance/Administration Manager

Kristina has over 30 years of Accounting experience focused on the Trade Industry. Kristina gave up the heat of Arizona for the Snow in Colorado 12 years ago. She enjoys cooking, shopping, and spending time with her family.

Craig Zoellick

Construction Manager

Craig was born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley and has been in the electrical field for 10+ years. Craig can excel in the trade due to his detail-oriented work and a background in technology. Bringing passion and drive to work is contagious and is vital to a successful team. Craig enjoys warm weather and sunshine.

Brandon Olszewski

Project Manager

Brandon's background in teaching has helped him succeed in the electrical industry. The ability to explain a complex problem is one of his strengths and a massive asset to our team. Brandon relocated from the midwest to Colorado to take advantage of everything the state has to offer.

Evan Campbell

Project Manager

Evan has been in the electrical field for over ten years. His background in construction helps identify issues before they become insurmountable. Specializing in residential projects (from 1,500 square feet to 15,000+) the same pride in craftsmanship is applied throughout. Evan enjoys the outdoors with his growing family. Evan was born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley. Knowledge and understanding of the Valley's logistics are priceless!